Is it legal to Buy or sell FIFA 20 coins?

Is it legal to Buy or sell FIFA 20 coins

Almost everywhere on the internet you are confronted with some “coin sellers”. There are larger such as MMOGA and smaller rather dubious providers.

Why buy FIFA 20 coins?

The FIFA 20 coins are the most important currency in FIFA Ultimate Team. With them you can not only open FUT packs, but also buy targeted players in the transfer market. The FIFA Points , however, can use their draft for FUT packs and FUT. Also, you can only get the points by using real money. The Coins, however, you get, for example, in which you participate in tournaments such as the FUT Champions Cup or Division Rivals plays.

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Where do all the coins come from?

For a long time it was rumored where all the coins came from the platforms. Quite often there was talk of Indian or Chinese “farmers” who hang the whole day before the FUT Web App and bid on players and buy them. But now everyone knows that this is not true. Much more FUT Autobuyer are used to collect these coins. But this accounts for just under 10% of the sold coins. 90% comes from tools like the FIFA Coin Generator , which have been around for almost a decade and can give some players free coins and points.

Can one be banned?

It all depends on where you buy the coins and what security measures are used. There is definitely a danger, but it really depends on how many coins you buy, what method you use and much more. We can only advise you to choose reputable providers. That would be, for example, MMOGA, which has been in business for a long time.

Can you earn a lot of money with it?

Yes, actually. There are a lot of players who use the FIFA 20 hack to get free coins. Then they sell them for real money. This is a very good way to profit from the game. However, we can only advise you to use the FIFA 20 coin generator for yourself, as we will finally make it available for free. You could make your own website and sell the coins or you can offer them in forums, Facebook or on eBay . One strategy would be to create multiple accounts, generate coins and points on them, and then sell those accounts. The decision is up to you. We can not advise you.

How Expensive Are FIFA Coins?

The price really varies very much. There are so many variables to include. But it can be said quite clearly that all this is based on supply and demand. The more players want to buy coins, the higher the price will be. The fewer coins that are available for sale, the higher the price will be. There can be no fixed price such as call at the FIFA Points. Within just a few days, the price can fluctuate very much.

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