FIFA 20 Ultimate Team building guide

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team building guide

In reality, there is hardly anything left in the game without money, and that’s no different in Ultimate Team mode.

The coins in FUT you receive for services rendered in this mode, especially through games. They are the cornerstone of your team building, because without them you can not commit players. Therefore, we tell you on this page where and how you get it easiest.

Quick and easy to get Coins in FIFA 20

Getting into Ultimate Team is anything but easy, and that too for your virtual coins account. If it starts after a while, it will be easier for you. First of all, there is the team building up, which requires investment. What is not immediately possible, it takes time. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. To fulfill all your wishes, you need many coins.

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Is it legal to Buy or sell FIFA 20 coins?

Have you ever felt the temptation to spend real money on FIFA Points and open all sorts of card packages? Do you want a good tip? Let it be! It brings in the end little, because you almost certainly not get what you want.

Of course this applies especially to star players like Messi or Ronaldo. Sure, everyone has the necessary luck, but overall, the chance is quite low to get such a kicker. Look at the transfer market, if you want to have a wish player.

How to build best ultimate team in fifa 20

The first step is to set up a bronze team to play matches, squad battles, seasons and tournaments. As rewards, cards and coins will help you here. In season mode FUT rewards you with coins for victories and also for championships and ascents. In special tournaments you can also prove your abilities, but often have to fulfill certain requirements for participation. This could be X players from one country or something else, for example.

A good tip to increase the yield of coins is the EA Football Club’s Coins Boosts . They are available on different levels and for a set number of matches you will receive more coins. Redeem them one by one, so that you get more coins for a certain amount of time – there is no disadvantage here.

Have you played for a while against the AI, you can certainly venture into online games against other players – in successes there are more coins for it than in AI games. However, a human player can challenge you more than the computer. For tournament victories there are valuable coins and sets.

What you should not do is to give free rein to your frustration. Do not leave a match through Rage Quit, if no success is foreseeable. For one, because it would not be fair to your opponent. On the other hand, your coin multiplier decreases.

FIFA 20 Coins – Tips, Cheats and Merchant

One or the other has probably already thought about whether there are cheats, exploits, hacks or other not so perfect tricks to get to Coins. Even if it should be possible, that’s not what we hear. It should be fair here.

At the same time, such unwanted items are always a risk to your account. Hackers or supposed providers of free coins and other beautiful things entice you that you get them when you log in on other sites. The idea behind this is to get your credentials and hijack your account. A basic rule is: nobody gives away FUT coins . Believe that only if you read it with perfectly identifiable and official sources. Ignore everything that can be read on any dubious pages or in videos. Especially when comments are repeatedly spammed with it. Do not give such people a chance.

Take care of your account data. Electronic Arts would like to have it only in-game or in the official companion apps. Otherwise nobody should ask for it. If someone does it, that is a clear warning signal. Hands off!

Also be wary of coin purchases via eBay and other platforms. This is often not right and when EA gets someone, buyers and sellers are blocked

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