FIFA 20 Review : What are the new features?

FIFA 20 Review

Even more realistic should be “FIFA 20” thanks to Football Intelligence or Controlled Tackling. A first test version now provides impressions of what you can expect from it.

Electronic Arts has already communicated the most important innovations of “FIFA 20” at the E3 gaming fair . But only very few could imagine how the new mechanics should actually make the game better.

Now a first trial version of the football simulation provides more detailed impressions, which is why we want to take a closer look at them.

Sideways dribble

The most perceptible innovation in “FIFA 20” is the sideways dribbling, with which a player can quickly move in a different direction with the right combination of keys. Dribbling artists are likely to enjoy doing so, as the movement can be used very flexibly and in many places makes other special movements superfluous. For the defending player it gets really hard, which would be the next point.

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AI and standards

In the current FIFA 19, many players found the AI ??of defense to be too strong. With the latest issue, the developers turn the screw down a bit, which should make the defense much harder. Also, standard situations are to be simplified. Since direct free kicks rarely led to a goal, they often preferred the short version in “FIFA 19”. How good the new free-kick variants are, can not yet be said exactly. Penalties are also heavily revised and will no longer degenerate into a lottery in the future.

ball physics

The new ball physics system should provide even more realism. This happens, for example, through the redesigned movement system, which allows ball turns and impact and thus creates more authenticity. New ball trajectories in the form of arc lamps on fluttering balls and trimmed standards up to powerful direct acceptance should be possible.


At the moment it is still difficult to estimate how much “FIFA 20” will actually differ from its predecessor. The new tuners sound promising, but for casual players they will probably make no big difference. It’s safe to say that FIFA 20 is feeling a bit slower and may have scored more goals as a result of the poorer defense, which should not be enough of waves of excitement.

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