Fifa 20 Release date,rumors and information you need to know

Fifa 20 Release date,rumors and information you need to know

FIFA 20 is in the starting blocks. For players, stadiums and gameplay, EA Sports has already provided some, in part surprising, information. Now, the developers also announced what changes in this year’s career mode will be integrated.

Fans may here for the first time in years again hope for significant changes. All rumors and information about FIFA 20 are presented here. In the video you can see the gameplay trailer for the game.

About Fifa 20 career mode

The career mode has been a constant topic of contention for many FIFA players in recent years. While a majority of gamblers are more into the online Ultimate Team with online challenges.

There is one non-disgusting group that prefers a more comfortable manager mode.

The accusation to EA Sports in the past. Since the offline mode without in-game payments unlike Ultimate Team is not a “cash cow” of the Group. The developers were often accused of treating the career option rather neglected. On crucial innovations one waited in vain. Although these were demanded on Reddit, Twitter and Co. again and again by fans of the mode.

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It seems that EA Sports has heard the prayers of career followers this year.
As you can see from the “Pitch Notes” for FIFA 20, there are some exciting changes.

  • Due to greater relevance of the moral attributes of the actors, dealing with the players also gains in importance in-game
  • More detailed press conferences and transfer negotiations with more choices
  • Dynamic player potentials that can change to positive or negative based on the performance after the season
  • More individual choices when designing the outside of the manager (skin tone, mouth shape, etc.)
  • For the first time there is the possibility to use a woman as a team manager

FIFA 20: Release date, pre-order and more info

EA Sports has since announced that the game will be released on September 27, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC for FIFA 20 .

With EA Access or Origin Access, even more adventurous players will also be able to test the full version 3 days earlier. The same applies to pre-orderers of one of the special versions Champions Edition or Ultimate Early Edition. Although these costs more, but have the advantage that you dusted in addition to the earlier access also some free objects for the Ultimate Team mode. You can also pre-order the standard game on Amazon .

An official date for the FIFA 20 demo , however, is not yet known. Fans are likely to adjust but probably to about 13 September. Also last year, the demo was released two weeks before the launch of the full version.

FIFA 20: Cover Stars announced – many fans surprised

fifa 20 cover star

EA Sports has always had one or more cover stars in the last few years for every part of the FIFA series. Unsurprisingly, the Canadian developer put particular emphasis on the two players who dominated world football over the past decade.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been on the cover of the FIFA 13 football game since the cover for FIFA 13 ( with one exception ).

The fact that Cristiano Ronaldo will not be considered this year makes EA’s point of view. At the beginning of his predecessor, FIFA 19, the Portuguese side’s transfer from Real Madrid to Juventus had caused problems.

This year, rivals Pro Evolution Soccer have signed an exclusive contract with the Italian record champions. Even banning FIFA from using the name “Juventus”. The legal problems of the now 34-year-olds did not necessarily speak for EA for his involvement.

As part of the cover presentation, the manufacturer has also announced the first icon / legend for the new game. The Italian midfield maestro Andrea Pirlo , who until recently played in the United States, is part of the legendary series for the first time.

FIFA 20 with football pitch mode

EA Sports has had some interesting news for FIFA players over the past few days: With FIFA VOLTA , EA is bringing back the popular “street footballer” mode, which in the past was marketed as a stand-alone game, ” FIFA Street “. In other words, players can compete in smaller teams on smaller asphalt pitches, with a focus more on simplified skill moves and fast gameplay.

Unlike FIFA Street, however, a “more realistic footballing experience” is promised. The kick on the street can then be enjoyed in, among other things, a kick-off, a story and a league mode.

According to the trailer, VOLTA can also be played in a hall – but here, too, after the looser street kick rules. A true hall mode, waiting for the fans since FIFA 98, it will probably not exist in this form.

FIFA 20: How EA should improve the gameplay

EA Sports seems to be currently responding to the criticism and suggestions for improvement of the community activier, as one can read in a blog entry . For the time being, it refers only to changes in the gameplay. Improvements to the game modes and infrastructure are not addressed here.

The first big spectrum in gameplay is the AI defense behavior . EA’s focus should now be on strengthening manual defense defense while reversing AI’s automatic defensive actions. The superiority of AI tackles and grabs was one of the main criticisms of the community in FIFA 19. In addition, with “Planned Tackling” a new feature will be presented, which should make the manual control in defense more rewarding and effective.

Another frequently cited criticism of the players: The 1-on-1 against the goalkeeper , when the player runs alone with ball to the opponent’s goal, was to wilkürlich and the goalkeeper usually just too strong. This ultimately meant that more goals came from flanks and long shots than “normal” finals – most players found that simply unrealistic in the long run.

This is where the leverage is supposed to be. Players are supposed to be “rewarded” for beautiful combinations alone in front of the goal. While the goalkeepers are to become “more human” again. The timed financial statements from FIFA 19 are also expected to play an important role again.

Other changes in the overview:

  • Effectiveness of volley shots and flanks should be reduced
  • More diverse outputs of header duels
  • Stringing together skill moves (climbers and Co.) is much more difficult
  • The positional play on standards will be improved both offensively and defensively
  • Manually controlling the goalkeeper becomes more realistic and less “overpowering”
  • Passports and their susceptibility to errors become more realistic; Pass angle and position of greater importance for registration result
  • Also the change of the players, in particular with “free” balls, should be more intuitive and easier by the hand

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